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Generations Ageing Together in Europe


Grundtvig Learning Partnership

AGREEMENT NUMBER - 2012-1-GB2-GRU06-08455


Project Duration: 01 August 2012 and 31 July 2014


Active ageing is the process of optimising opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance the quality of life as people age.  It does not only refer to the ability to be physically active but to continuing participation in social, economic, cultural and civic affairs.  Active ageing aims to extend healthy life expectancy and the quality of life for everyone as they age.  Given that we all age within the context of family, friends, neighbours etc. active ageing must therefore be looked at from an intergenerational perspective.

The main purpose of this project is to encourage reflection on active ageing and what this means for EU citizens.  More specifically through the project we will bring together older people from the member states to discuss what active ageing means to them and raise awareness of the importance of active ageing to help ensure that older people are able to remain in the labour market for longer, to prevent social exclusion by encouraging participation in their communities and to help prevent dependency as people get older.  

The project will particularly target older people who are marginalised and from the most vulnerable social groups and will look at the factors that contribute to active ageing and how small measures and initiatives can promote health and well being. The project will furthermore examine the role of education in advancing the active ageing agenda and develop a framework of learning.  The role of local governments, health bodies and other stakeholders will be considered along with the need for collaborative working among all parties. National workshops will allow the discussions to include the views and opinions of the different generations and embed the concept that the changing demographic is an issue for all ages.


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