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Creative Learning

Listed below is a list of current and previous courses.

"We're in Business" Business skills for Community L1
"We're in Business" Business skills for Community L2
"We're in Business" Business skills for Community L3
"We're in Business" People Management L1
"We're in Business" People Management L2
"We're in Business" People Management L3
"We're in Business" Project Management for the Co L1
"We're in Business" Project Management for the Co L2
"We're in Business" Project Management for the Co L3
"Which Craft" L1
3 Dimensional Drawing L1
3 Dimensional Drawing L1
3 Dimentional Work (NAP) L1
3 Dimentional Work (NAP) L2
3 Dimentional Work (NAP) L3
A Basic Course in Floral Art L1
A Basic Course in Floral Art Level
A Foundation Course in Patchwork L1
A Foundation Course in Patchwork Level
A History of Community Theatre
Acting for Camera
Acting for Camera L1
Administration and Management of Community Theatre L1
Administration and Management of Community Theatre L2
Administration and Management of Community Theatre L3
Age Awareness
An Insight into Antiques and Collectables Level L2
An Introduction to English Literature Level 1
An Introduction to Northern Irish History Level L2
An Introduction to Scriptwriting for TV & Film Level L2
An Introduction to Scripwriting for TV and Film L3
An Introductory Course in Oil Painting Level 1
Antiques & Collectables
Art Appreciation
Art Choice Accredited
Art for Special Needs
Art of Tiffany Stained Glass
Art to Relax With
Arts and Crafts C&G
Aspects of Therapeutic Theatre L1
Basic Car Maintenance L1
Basic Craft Skills
Basic Craft Skills Entry Level
Basic Massage: An Art Form L1
Basic Sewing Skills L1
Beginners Acrylics L1
Beginners Irish L1
Beginners Irish Level L1
Beginners Knitted Toys L1
Beginners Mixed Media L1
Believing in Ourselves
Black & White Photography L2
Bobbin Lace Acc Choice
Calligraphy Accreditation
Calligraphy Choice acc
Calligraphy for Beginners L1
Calligraphy using the Caroline Hand L1
Calligraphy using the Foundational Hand L1
Calligraphy using the Gothic Hand L1
Calligraphy using the Half Uncial Hand L1
Calligraphy using the Italic Hand L1
Carnival Drumming
Carnival Drumming L1
Carnival Drumming L2
Ceilidh Dancing
Ceramic Modelling Skills (Advanced) L3
Ceramic Modelling Skills (Intermediate) L2
Ceramic Modelling Techniques L1
Change the Channel L2
Christmas Crafts for Beginners L1
Cinema: Historical & Comparative Studies 2
City & Guilds 7802 Retail & Window Dressing
City & Guilds First Steps in Copper Enamelling
Classical Music
Community Photography L2
Community Photography Level L2
Community Theatre and Society L2
Community Theatre: A Northern Irish Context L3
Community Tutor Training
Community Voice L2
Community Voice L3
Contemporary Mosaics L2
Contemporary Mosaics L3
Conversational French L1
Conversational Italian L1
Conversational Spanish L1
Conversational Spanish L2
Cooking & Baking
Cooking on a Budget L1
Crafts Training for Tutors
Creating Contemporary Mosaics: An Easy Introd. L1
Creative Calligraphy L2
Creative Embroidery L2
Creative Leatherwork
Creative Thinking L1
Creative with Card
Creative Writing
Creative Writing L1
Creative Writing L2
Crochet for Beginners & Improvers L1
Crochet: An Introductory Course L1
Cross Stitch
Current Affairs in the News Level 1
Dance & Movement in a Therapeutic Context L2
Dance & Movement in a Therapeutic ContextL1
Deaf Blind Awareness
Deaf Communication Tactics
Decoupage: An Introductory Course L1
Design & Construction of Carnival Head L3
Design and Layout in Calligraphy L2
Developing Handmade Stencil Techniques L2
Development of Political Theatre L2
Dip in floral arts and design L3
Directing and Facilitating Community Theatre: An
Directing and Facilitating Community Theatre: Int
Directions in Political Theatre L3
DIY Home Improvements L1
DIY Home ImprovementsL2
Drama Training for Tutors
Drawing & Painting - Advanced
Drawing & Painting for Beginners
Drawing & Painting in Pastel for Beginners L1
Drawing & Painting in Pastel L2
Drawing for Art and Design L1
Drum Circle
Early Years Care & Education 1
Early Years Care & Education 2
Early Years Care & Education 3
English Literature
Fabric Painting: Silk L2
Fantastic Journeys
Feng Shui
Filet & Broomstick Crochet L2
First Aid
First Aid Awareness Course L1
First Steps in Enamelling on Copper
First Steps in Watercolour L1
Floral Art
Floral Design - Portfolio L2
Floral Design for a Special Occasion L2
Foundation in Glass Painting L1
Foundation in Lip Reading L1
Further Techniques in Torchon Bobbin Lace L2
Fused Glass
Fusible Fabric Level 1
GCSE Psychology
Glass Fusing: An Introduction L3
Glass Painting
Glass Painting L2
Glass Work
Guitar: An Easy Introduction L1
Health Psychology - Beginners
History of Art
History of Art L1
History of Art L2
How to Stencil L1
I.T. for a Community Newspaper L2
Interior Design
Interior Design C&G
Interior Design for the Home L1
Intermediate Acrylics L2
Intermediate Drama L2
Intermediate Irish L2
Intermediate Mixed Media L2
Intermediate Stage Craft L2
Intermediate Watercolour Painting L2
Introducing Braid Bobbin Lace
Introduction to Basic Principles of Torchon Bobbin Lace L2
Introduction to Counselling
Introduction to Embroidery
Introduction to Leisure Gardening L1
Introduction to Photography L1
Introduction to Sign Language
Introduction to Stage Craft L1
Irish Language - Intermediate
Irish Language for Beginners
Journalism L2
Landscape Garden Design
Life Drawing
Line Dancing
Lip Reading
Literature Review
Living with Watercolours 2
Local History
Metal Crafts
Modern Literature
Morality Debated
Mosaics The Traditional Way L1
Mosaics The Traditional Way L2
Mosaics The Traditional Way L3
Movement in a Therapeutic context L1
Next Steps in Creative Thinking L2
Next Steps in Spanish L2
Next steps in the basic principles of Torchon Bobbin Lace L2
Non-Adhesive Japanese Bookbinding L1
Oil Painting L2
Oil Painting People L3
Oil Painting Portraiture L3
Oils and Acrylics
Older Peoples Learning
Paint & Stencilling
Paint Effects & Stenciling
Paint Effects and Stencilling: A Detailed Introduction L1
Paint Effects for Interior Design L2
Painting and Drawing
Painting in Pastels
Painting Mixed Media
Painting using Acrylics
Painting using Oils
Painting using Watercolours
Paper Making: A Basic Course L1
Patchwork & Quilting C & G
Patchwork and Quilting
Patchwork, Quilting and/or Appliqué Quilting 2
Performance Skills in a Community Setting L1
Performance Skills in a Community Setting L2
Performance Skills in a Community Setting L3
Photography - Beyond Point and Shoot L2
Picture Framing
Poetry: A Foundation Course L1
Political Theatre (Part 1) L2
Political Theatre (Part 2) L2
Pottery: Introduction to Modelling Techniques L1
Psychology for Beginners
Psychology- Intermediate
Public Speaking
Recreational Art
Reminiscence and Recall
Sewing Skills
Sign Language
Sign Language Stage 2
Silk Painting
Silk Painting: A Simple Introduction L1
Soft Furnishings
Soft Furnishings for Beginners L1
Speaking Out
Sport and Society Level 1
Stress Management
The "Art of Tiffany Glass": An Introduction L1
The "Art of Tiffany Stained Glass" Advanced L2
The Art of Gilding on Metal Leaf L1
Theatrical Mask Making L2
Torchon Bobbin Lace Motifs L2
Travellers Tales
Using Patchwork in Soft Furnishings L1
Victorian Art L3
Visual Arts Skills
Voice Development (Towards Community Voice) L1
Watercolour L2
Watercolour Painting L1
Which Craft Level L1
Willow Basket Making Beginners L1
Working in Watercolours L2
Working with Textiles - Loose Covers L2
Working with Watercolours L1
World Faiths
Writing and Devising: An Introduction L1
Writing and Devising: Intermediate L2

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