alfalogoThe WEA is pleased to launch the 'Advocacy and Learning for All' project (ALfA).The project consists of a programme of training to support advocacy and lobbying skills for groups involved in Atlantic Philanthropies funded programmes between September 2011 – August 2014.

The ALfA project will support grass-roots advocacy activities in Northern Ireland through the provision of flexible, interactive learning opportunities. The aims of the project are to:

  • Run a programme of advocacy training with grass roots groups involved in Atlantic funded programmes.
  • Provide offline support and mentoring to groups putting advocacy into action.
  • Provide networking and collaboration opportunities for programme participants so that they can learn from each other and co-operate on shared advocacy themes.
  • Signpost and connect groups onto other organisations who can help support their advocacy.

All the workshops and courses aim to build the confidence and skills of people to “Be heard: Make a change” ie, to express their opinions and analyse, coordinate and influence the decisions that affect their lives.

Who can benefit?

Supported by The Atlantic Philanthropies, this training programme has been specifically developed to help grass-roots groups and organisations who would like to get their voices heard in the fields of Ageing, Children & Youth, and Reconciliation and Human Rights.

Availability & Costs

Organisations involved in Atlantic-funded programmes can avail of this programme free of charge. Organisations not involved in Atlantic funded programmes will be charged, contact the WEA for further details.

The training programme

The programme is a flexible mixture of workshops, courses and tailor made training. Types of learning opportunities include workshops on skills to support advocacy and lobbying.

These could include topics such as:

  • Building confidence to lobby
  • Introduction to lobbying
  • The use of ICT to support lobbying and advocacy
  • The use of social media in lobbying 
  • Guide to government

Longer courses in topics such as:

  • Media training for spokes people
  • Negotiation skills
  • Creative ways to get your message across

Tailor made training – working with your group or organisation on a longer term basis to support action learning for advocacy and lobbying.

All training will be delivered in an interactive and participative way with the emphasis on learning that will be immediately relevant to your advocacy and lobbying aims.

As the programme is very flexible we would want to hear from you on how our programme can help you put advocacy and lobbying into action. If you would like to take part in the programme or have further questions please contact the project Development Officer, Attracta Mathews.

Attracta Mathews
Development Officer
Workers’ Educational Association (WEA)



This programme is supported by The Atlantic Philanthropies.