The WEA Learning Age Team has recently secured funding from the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme under the Grundtvig measure to work on a two year partnership project with seven other European countries on the issues of learning in senior age.

The project entitled ‘Broadening People’s minds in Ageing’ (EUBIA) aims to respond to the educational challenges of an ageing population across Europe by strengthening and widening regional and European contacts and partnerships. Key to the success of the partnership is the sharing of information, experience and best practice.

The project kicked off in November with the project coordinator hosting the initial meeting in Graz, Austria. There were representatives from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Italy, Slovakia and England in attendance. Please click here to visit the Eubia Partner page.

The partnership will look at
  • Networking and how best to establish and sustain an effective network of organisations involved in later life learning
  • Establishing a common understanding of issues and concepts related to senior education across national and linguistic borders and developing a glossary of common professional terminology
  • How best practice and effective strategies in senior learning can be identified, disseminated and embedded
  • How we can empower seniors, especially those who may see yet see the value of learning in later life, in developing and supporting their education and learning needs
The partnership recognises the challenges facing the development of senior learning arising from the heterogeneity of at least three age cohorts of older people and will develop a signposting guide outlining good practice in dealing with this, as well as issues of gender, disability and ethnicity. It will also identify examples of good practice and strategies for engaging older people in learning.
Further details of the project can be found on the WEA website or by contacting Carolyn Hale, Learning Age Team,

Recruitment as usual?  No, it’s time for age diversity.
"Supporting employers in recruiting and selecting mature aged persons” is the long title of the project  and highlights its objectives: namely, to promote the business case for an age-balanced workforce and to encourage employers to rethink their current recruitment policies. It gives practical support on all aspects of age-diversity in recruitment via a comprehensive toolbox of innovative materials and an open source e-learning platform.

More details can be found at  or on the press release here.

Latest Project News

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Written by Michael Glover   
Wednesday, 13 June 2012 00:00

EuBia was awarded with the Quality Seal Prize by the CZ National Agency for European Projects and won 1st place!

Please see photos with the award and with Hana Danihelkova receiving of the prize from the Danish ambassador in Czech Republic, Mr.Moesby. This ceremony was held in Prague with the occasion of the opening of Adult Learners Week (N.F. Grundtvig was born on 8th September 1873) in the coperation with the Danish Embassy in Czech Republic.

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We also received 2 good practice awards:

EuBia was selected as a good practice project concerning Active Ageing and Learning in Later Life at the StAge Conference in Graz, 21-22 June 2012 and was selected as a good practice project from the National Agency ( Nationalen Agentur beim Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung) in Germany in 2011.

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Written by Michael Glover   
Tuesday, 07 September 2010 09:47

In the context of demographic change throughout Europe and in view of the importance of learning in later life, EuBiA, a Grundtvig Learning Partnership, was established. Nine organisations from seven countries (AT, CZ, DE, IT, PL, SK, UK) discussed important issues and shared their experiences in the field of learning in later life.

All EuBiA partners are convinced of the benefits of networking. Therefore one of EuBiA's main aims was to establish a European network and to discuss relevant topics concerning networking and learning in later life. The results of discussions during the meetings on different aspects of networking – from advantages to risks – are listed. Each partner organisation presented an example of good practice to the EUBIA group. After discussing the team's criteria for good practice, all examples that had been presented were checked against the criteria that had been worked out.

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Written by Sinead Devine   
Friday, 14 May 2010 09:31

Drama is a wonderful medium to present stories from the community, to value their stories and indeed to present them to others. Last year a group of women under the Learning Age Project chose drama as their medium for continued learning. This has led to a body of work far beyond the groups imagination. Mainly hailing from the "top of the hill, Gobnascale" they called themselves "TOP WOMEN".

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Written by Michael Glover   
Friday, 20 February 2009 15:34
WEA learners enjoy study visit to Gdansk Poland

In October 2009 the WEA Older Peoples team took part in the third international meeting of the EUBIA project.  The project entitled ‘Broadening People’s minds in Ageing’ (EUBIA) aims to respond to the educational challenges of an ageing population across Europe by strengthening and widening regional and European contacts and partnerships.

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