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The WEA believes that learning should be something that everyone can access right throughout their lives.

For some people the experience of school was not good and they left education early. For other people the pressures of family life, caring or their jobs mean that they have not been involved in learning recently.  For others its about age and a belief that there comes a time when you are just to old to learn.

The WEA recognises these issues and makes special efforts to reach out to those who are most removed from the experience of learning.


The WEA has a special programmes for men that help with returning to learn, building self-confidence and moving into employment. For further information contact Dawn or Gary of the Man Matters project on 02890329718.

Older people

As people get older it is often assumed that they will have less interest in learning.  The WEA believes that this is not the case and that learning later in life is vitally important.  New research is constantly showing the importance of learning in keeping people healthy later in life and helping them to socialise.  For further details of our programmes aimed specifically at older people contact  or

The WEA also believes that older people should have a much stronger voice in our society. To support this the WEA runs lobbying courses for older people's groups.  To find out more contact , or click here for the Changing Ageing Partnership website.  The WEA delivers this lobbying training as part of the Changing Age Partnership. For more information click here.