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FALNI (Forum for Adult Learning N.I.) in advance of the May 2011 Assembly Elections has produced a manifesto to lobby prospective candidates and ensure that there is due recognition for the important role that adult learning plays in the economic and social life of Northern Ireland.


The WEA as a founding member of FALNI is keen that all its members are not just aware of this campaign but can actively support it.

The Manifesto is being sent to all the candidates for the forthcoming Assembly Elections as we feel that it is important that they are aware of the significant contribution that adult learning makes to the economy and life of Northern Ireland.  Our politicians need to hear about this and know that supporting community-based learning will make a real difference to people’s lives and that it is very much a worthwhile investment.

That’s where you come in. Candidates for the election need to hear this message directly from you. You can do this in various ways:

  • When candidates come to your door ask what they intend to do to safeguard community-based learning in your area
  • If your organisation is having a certificate presentation, invite candidates along and let them see the difference that this kind of learning is making
  • If the candidates have email addresses, send them a message saying that investing in adult learning is important to your community
  • Send a letter to your local newspaper(s) telling the positive story of adult learning and asking all candidates to pledge support for the provision of community-based learning
  • Go to any public meetings where the candidates are speaking and ask these questions.

There are other actions that you can also do to show your support:

  • Download the Manifesto from our website and add it to yours.(Please click the image to the right)
  • Go to the (this is a live link) and click Like – and ask all your members and learners to do the same

Adult learning is vitally important, especially for those needing a second chance or living in areas of deprivation. Learning improves the lives of individuals and in turn their families. Learning strengthens local organisations and this helps build better communities.

Make sure the politicians hear this. Make sure that they pledge support – and let them know that you will hold them to account.

Please work with us to ensure a healthy future for adult learning.