Blackwater Valley Peace Building Programme PDF Print E-mail

What was the Programme About?

The programme offers a number of ways groups and individuals can learn more about peace building and actively engage in cross border and cross community contact.

Opportunities for Women Learning PDF Print E-mail

What was the OWL Project?

It is simply a project set up to create opportunities for women to learn. That gives us the convenient acronym OWL, convenient because, since the time of Greek legend, the owl has been associated with wisdom and prophetic power. What we are trying to do now is to give women a chance to unlock their hidden potential, to use education to discover their individual and collective strengths.

Womens Job Rotation PDF Print E-mail

What was the Job Rotation Programme?

This programme was specifically funded to get women back into employment. Simply put, it enables unemployed women to gain employment so that other employees within the host organisation can be released for training.