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This programme will give twelve groups, from across the CAN Peace III Partnership area (Newtownabbey, Carrickfergus and Antrim council areas) the opportunity to explore the social history of their particular group or area.

A WEA tutor/facilitator will be assigned to each group to support the group to identify and discuss things that are of interest to the participating groups. The facilitator will be on hand to support the group through the life of the programme along side the WEA development officer attached to the programme.

It could be the types of housing, employment, leisure sports activities that developed them as individuals, communities or groups. The groups themselves will decide their own learning, what do the groups understand by 'Shared History'? Do they believe there is a shared history between local communities? What is their area best known for? Is that something that everyone can relate to? If not, what would be the focus of history if they were writing it?

There will be an opportunity to meet up with another group from a different council area that may have commonalities and to share those experiences and stories. Also included in the programme will be an opportunity for a cross-border contact again to identify things that are similar to all and those also in contrast.

Each participating group will have the opportunity to produce a DVD, display or exhibition to showcase their group and their research during the life of the programme and to be part of the end celebration event in September 2013 with invited quests and Local media.

A 'master' DVD with all the individual inputs will be created and copies will be available for all attendees.

For further information email  or telephone and ask to speak to Diarmuid

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