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Community Group Management


Level: Level 2 niocn_new_logo
Awarding Body: OCNNI
Length: 20 hours
Entry Requirements: To be currently working or planning to work on a community group committee    
Breif Outline of Course Content:
  • Committee roles and responsibilities
  • Running meetings
  • Basic fundraising and planning
Course Description:
This is a basic course to help community groups learn to operate more effectively. It is particularly useful for new groups or those where some review of basic procedures would be useful. 
The course aims to provide an introduction to management committee skills and to raise the confidence of those involved in such committees. It also explores the roles of management committee members and office bearers and the skills required to perform these roles.  It will also guide participants in the basics of running meetings, planning projects and planning projects.
Who is it for? Anyone involved in community group management committees, either as a basic skills package or a refresher.
  1. To enable learners to understand the role of a management committee in a community context.
  2. To understand the legal and financial responsibilities of a management committee.
  3. To conduct more effective meetings.
  4. To understand the roles of office bearers.
  5. To understand the basics of fundraising.
  6. To understand the basic methodologies of strategic plannin.

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