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Developing Facilitation Skills
Level: Level 3 niocn_new_logo
Awarding Body: OCNNI
Length: 36 Hours
Entry Requirements: A minimum of 30 hours experience of group working    
Breif Outline of Course Content: The course is designed to enhance the learner’s group facilitation skills.
Course Description:

This course is aimed at those who already have some experience of working in groups, but who are looking to increase their confidence and improve their theory and skills base.

This first-hand background knowledge is vital as the course works with the learners’ own experiences, encouraging them to reflect on and share their past and current practice with the aim of strengthening future facilitation work.  

Participants will learn about the theories of group dynamics, how to plan a session and how to deal with conflict. All of the learning will be applied in a micro group facilitation session.

Who is it for? This course would be beneficial to facilitators involved in training/facilitation who want to advance their skills and therefore employability.


  1. To enable learners to understand the development of group.
  2. To gain an understanding of the role of the trainer/facilitator.
  3. To be able to assess the key skills, knowledge and tasks of a trainer/facilitator
  4. To gain advanced communication skills.
  5. To more effectively manage conflict in groups.
  6. To understand the use of exit strategies.
  7. What they said about the course.

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