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Facilitative Leadership
Level: Level 2 ilm
Awarding Body: OCNNI or ILM
Length: 20 hours   
Entry Requirements: None
Breif Outline of Course Content:
  • Creating a vision of success and enrolling others in its pursuit
  • Facilitating problem solving and agreement building
  • Coaching and inspiring others to perform of their best
  • Designing meetings, project plans and change strategies that people understand and support
  • How to celebrate accomplishment in authentic and motivating ways
Course Description: Facilitative Leadership is a learning experience that draws a clear connection between leadership and collaboration. The course is for those who want to expand their ability to engage others in achieving common goals, to learn through exploring real life challenges and to create change in their workplace or community.

On completing the course, learners have greater confidence in their ability to navigate difficult situations, advocate for change and lead a change process. Participants will be able to make and implement decisions more quickly and will have more influence over their own and others’ success.
Who is it for? Those with leadership responsibilities in the community, voluntary, public and statutory sectors.
  1. To enable learners to lead successful teams and organisations.
  2. To enable learners to create a vision of success.
  3. To learn to facilitate problem solving.
  4. To be able to coach others to perform to their best.
  5. To be able to design meetings, plans and strategies.
  6. To celebrate accomplishment.
What they said about the course:  “I was very concerned about taking three days out of the office but it was definitely worth it.  I got valuable time to reflect on my work and left the course with practical tools I could apply immediately”  Jaqui Montgomery-Devlin, Barnardos
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