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Paths Through The Past 2


Level: Level 2 niocn_new_logo
Awarding Body: OCNNI
Length: 20 hours
Entry Requirements: None        
Breif Outline of Course Content:

Paths Through the Past courses are an introduction to Irish history, designed to provide learners with a basic understanding of the main events, personalities and themes. 

Paths Through the Past 2 covers Irish History from after the famine through to recent times. 

Course Description:
History is one of the taboo areas frequently avoided in Northern Ireland because of the fear that “things will get out of hand”. Some contest that it would be better to draw a line and forget about the past entirely. However, a knowledge of past events and a sharing of the different perspectives on these events that exist within and between the different communities in Northern Ireland can make a positive contribution towards dispelling myths and ignorance that fuel suspicion and aggression.

Paths through the Past differs from many other history courses in that the emphasis is on discussing present-day perceptions and ramifications of events rather than cramming learners’ heads with facts and figures.  

Part two covers the following topics (see Part 1 for early Irish History)

  • Gladstone and Home Rule
  • The Easter Rising
  • Partition
  • Civil War
  • Development of the two states
  • The rise of Civil Rights and the fall of Stormont
  • The years of direct rule
  • Agreements and Peace Processes
  • Looking Back/Looking Forward
Who is it for? Anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of Irish history and understand the historical background to contemporary events.
  1. Give learners a skeletal knowledge of the major themes in Irish History.
  2. Give learners an opportunity to explore how history has impacted on difference and conflict today
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