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Us & Them Too


Level: Level 2 niocn_new_logo
Awarding Body: OCNNI
Length: 20 hours
Entry Requirements: None        
Breif Outline of Course Content:

This course has been designed to facilitate learners’ exploration of their attitude towards and perceptions of many of the social groupings that make up our society. 

Learners will use the knowledge gained to understand what will make a more tolerant society and to analyse the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

Course Description:

The course begins by looking generally at stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination and then the five central sessions look in turn at gender, age, disability, race & ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Throughout the course learners are asked what should be done to create a more equitable society and this is expanded in the final sessions by a short examination of human rights and civic responsibilities. 


Topics include:

  • Defining stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination.
  • The power of the media and other influences.
  • A session on each of: gender, age, disability, race/ethnicity and sexual orientation.
  • Human rights and creating a more equitable society.
Who is it for? Anyone interested in exploring issues around equity and diversity in community or workplace settings. It is very useful for anyone wishing to raise awareness around Section 75 issues.
  1. To build an understanding of the diverse social groupings making up our society
  2. To examine issues of prejudice and discrimination experienced by these groups
  3. To explore ways to create a more equitable society.

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