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Working in the Community


Level: Level 2 ccealogo
Awarding Body: CCEA
Length: 30 hours (plus an additional 30 hrs placement)
Entry Requirements: Learners must be able to undertake 30hrs of placement (paid or voluntary) in a community group in order to complete the qualification.       
Breif Outline of Course Content: This qualification consists of 5 mandatory units:
•    Understanding community work
•    Developing effective communication and teamwork skills
•    Undertaking work in the community
•    Understanding attitudes and the values of others
•    Communicating and planning goals with clients.
Course Description:

This Level 2 Certificate is an ideal qualification for individuals, both waged and unwaged, with an interest in working in their community. 

The course will help you understand what is meant by community work, understand what values underpin it, develop your interpersonal and teamwork skills and apply all of the learning through a community placement.

The development of this qualification has been informed by feedback from PAULO, the National Training Organisation for community based learning and development. 

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to work in the community as a volunteer or paid employee. 

It would be particularly suited to members of community group management committees, community group volunteers and people starting out on a career working in the community.



  1. To provide individuals with the opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills in order to contribute to the development of, and to function as a member of, a community organisation
  2. To provide individuals with the opportunity to examine their own attitudes, values and lifestyles
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