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The Digital Age Project is funded by the Big Lottery for a period of 4 years to bring a digital learning programme to isolated older people living in sheltered housing.

The number of people in all age groups accessing the internet has risen during the last 10 years, but individuals aged over 60 remain less likely to access the internet than younger age groups.

In effect, current cohorts of older people are missing out on one of the most widely used methods of social communication and a medium through which companies increasingly compete to market their services. Statistics show that older people in sheltered accommodation are the most digitally excluded with two thirds of them having no access to ICT.

While digital inclusion is important in its own right, this project aims to use it to meet other needs that older people in sheltered housing face: the need for positive social interaction with peers, family, and the community at large; the need to stay mentally and physically active in later life; the need for access to information and services; and the need to make the best use of limited finances.

The three main outcomes of the project will be:

  1. Older people in sheltered housing schemes have improved quality of life including being less isolated, more mentally active, better informed and better off financially because they are more digitally included.
  2. Older people involved in the intergenerational theme of the project have increased contact across the generations leading to more developed online skills for older people and better communication skills for young people leading to a better understanding of each other for both groups.
  3. Organisations caring for older people are more likely to promote digital inclusion because they have access to research and practical toolkits.
The project will be delivered by a partnership group made up of:


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Contact Details:

Healy King
Development Officer
Workers' Educational Association (WEA - NI)




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