Learner Access and Engagement
Under an initiative sponsored by the Dept of Employment and Learning, the six Further Education Colleges have recently contracted with various providers to deliver a pilot Learner Access and Engagement Programme across Northern Ireland. The WEA is delighted to be working with five of the colleges in the rollout and development of this programme that aims to encourage and support more people back into learning.
The colleges we are working with are: Northern Regional College, South Eastern Regional College and South West College. The map illustrates the geographic areas in which the WEA is operating and if you click on any area you will be taken to a page which will give you further information and who to contact if you want to learn more and become involved.
Colin Neilands, Director of the WEA, welcomes the programme: –
"While this work is somewhat different to that traditionally carried out by the WEA, in that we will not actually be the deliverer of the learning, it is absolutely in line with the WEA’s mission of making learning irresistible. Learning and qualifications are more critical than ever to give people a competitive chance in the reduced labour market. While the contracts initially run just until the summer of 2009, the pilot programme is for three years and we very much look forward to contributing our many years of experience in community education and creating a programme that really works for those who would benefit the most from it."
Who is it for and what’s on offer?
The programme is aimed at adults 19+, who are not in work, who do not currently hold a Level 2 qualification and are not already enrolled on a college course or involved in a Government scheme such as Steps to Work.
The learning on offer will all be qualifications based and could be essential skills or any courses that help increase employability. What is on offer varies from college to college so to find out about your area click on the map to access further information.
If you are a group based in one of the coloured areas and we have not already been in contact with you, we would be delighted to have you on board. As in all WEA activities it is our local community partners who enable successful engagement with groups and individuals and we recognise this vital role with a payment for enrolment and retention.
If you are an individual interested in accessing learning please contact our development staff who will be delighted to assist you.