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    Written by Siobhan Harding   
    Thursday, 18 April 2013 12:28

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    Some of the members of Crann Na Beatha Men’s Group met with Jim Morgan, Senior Project Development Officer with The Belfast Health Development Agency last week in empty premises at Conway Mill on the Falls Road where the men are starting to set up their Men’s Shed. Crann Na Beatha means “The Tree of Life” and this fledgling Men’s Shed will open its doors to men of all ages and backgrounds from the local area.

    At the minute the premises are pretty bare except for the odd table and chair! However with the help of Man Matters and Jim Morgan, funding of £1,500 has been made available by The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Health Improvement Team which the men are planning to use to get some internal walls and fixtures put up in the building. This will mean that there will be a dedicated reception area and individual rooms for some of the activities which are going to happen in the Shed. This will include spaces for art, music, woodwork and upholstery. It is hoped that the men will also be able to use a section at the front of the premises to have a small shop selling what they make and this will help to fund the Shed.



    Meeting at the premises for Crann Na Beatha Men's Shed were: Gary Smyth, Man Matters, Geordie Murtagh, Crann Na Beatha Men's Shed, Jim Morgan, Belfast Health Development Agency, Joe Curley, Crann Na Beatha Men's Shed and Peter Ewing, Conway Mill

    The men showed Jim around the premises and outlined their big plans for the Shed. The men are very excited about getting the Shed up and running and see a real need for a place for local men to go to just chat to other men or to get involved in the activities which will be available there. They believe that by getting men involved in the Shed they will be able to help with issues such as isolation, loneliness, depression, low self esteem and confidence.

    Mens_Shed_1  Mens_Shed_2

    Geordie telling Jim about the Shed's plans for the premises

    Man Matters has helped Crann Na Beatha in their development as a Men’s Shed and will continue to do so in the coming years through the provision of courses, workshops and other practical/educational activities.

    Gary Smyth from Man Matters said: “Mens Sheds are an Australian concept and as such they are relatively new to Ireland but already there is a buzz about Sheds and the fact that they are dedicated to doing something for men, particularly around physical and emotional health, education and community inclusion.”



    The Man Matters website will keep you posted on Crann Na Beatha Men’s Shed and others as they develop. Visit us at www.manmatters.org.


    For more information on Men’s Sheds visit the Australian and Irish Men's Sheds websites at: