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    Written by Siobhan Harding   
    Thursday, 20 June 2013 11:21

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    To celebrate Father’s Day and Men’s Health Week 2013 the Man Matters project in partnership with the Loughshore Access Project (LAP) held a Daddy Bear’s Family Picnic at the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre.

    Despite a little rain the event was a great success focusing on the dads and their kids. There were lots of fun activities for those who attended including a nature scavenger hunt, pond dipping activities, healthy BBQ, bird watching and face painting.

    Sign Loughshore
    Daddy Bears Family Picnic in the beautiful Lough Neagh Discovery Centre


    Pond_Dipping_2 Pond_Dipping_4
    Pond Dipping Activities at the event

    As it was Men’s Health Week there were also a range of health checks on offer. The theme of Men’s Health Week this year was ‘be your own action hero’ where men were encouraged to take action for themselves, to promote their own health and wellbeing, engage in community life and volunteering, re-enter education and to become more involved in family life. And there were lots of Action Heros at the event!

    Action_Cancer_Bus Nature_Scavenger_Hunt
    Health Checks on the Action Cancer Bus Nature Scavenger Hunt

    The day was about fun and family but on the eve of Father's Day, it also had a serious side, not only in relation to men's health but in promoting the importance and value of dads as a part of their children's and family life.

    Daddy1 Daddy2
    Daddy3 Daddy4
    Some of the dads with their kids at the event

    Diarmuid Moore, Assistant Director of the WEA said: "This is an important event bringing local fathers and their children together around a range of fun and healthy activities and helps to celebrate two important events for men. We want to mark Men's Health Week because we know that healthy fathers are more likely to have healthy children. We also want to celebrate fathers because fathers have a crucial influence on their child's development. Research shows that strong relationships between fathers and children are associated with higher levels of happiness, better health and reduced likelihood of criminal behaviour."

    Mini_Beasts_2 Mini_Beasts_4 Mini_Beasts
    Hunting for mini-beasts!

    Man Matters and the Loughshore Access Project want to encourage local men to live out the theme of Men's Health Week 2013 throughout the whole year which is: 'Take Action Men! – Turn Your Words into Actions'.

    Face_Paints Ducks
    Face Painting Chasing the Ducks!


    Boy_Face_Paint Family_time Girl_face_paint
    Family Time at the event