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    Written by Michael Glover   
    Monday, 05 September 2011 00:00

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    Thinking of Retirement?

    Or maybe newly retired and finding it difficult?

    Thought about the life changes you may have to make?

    How will you fill your time?

    Worried about coping with a reduction in income?

    Want to know what’s available in your area?

    Then check out the




      6 half day sessions commencing on 
      Saturday 1st October 2011

      from 9.030am to 1.00pm in  


      Course Contents Page

      • The Challenge of Retirement – 1st & 8th October
        The aim of this module is to consider the concept of retirement, the psychological changes that take place at the retirement transition and how this can be planned for and managed in a positive way.
      • Health in Retirement –15th October
        The aim of this module is to consider the physical, mental and emotional health aspects of the transition into retirement and to understand how they are interrelated.
      • Guest Speaker and Health Check
      • Finance in Retirement – 22nd October
        The aim of this module is to consider the means of optimising financial health in retirement, and to ensure that all sources of advice and information have been accessed.
      • Guest Speaker
      • The World (active involvement in the community) 29th October
        The aim of this module is to ensure that retirement represents a time of enjoyment and fulfilment when people are able to participate in the community as fully as they wish and to learn new skills.
      • Speaker from Volunteer Now and Presentation from WEA
      • Review – 5th November
        The aim of this module is to review the full rang of learning in the course, assess learning outcomes and consider, in particular, the final development of individual retirement plans.


      For further information contact Sinead Devine at our L'Derry Office, 02871369947 or email:

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